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Mobile Drive Cages Clusters

Duplication on the Fly

Traditionally a "laptop" sized hard drive is known for its ability to keep mobile computers running on the go, now, they are top candidate for data storage and distribution. Whether it's audio or video files, data can be streamed and distributed live into these 4 in 1 hard drive cages at an amazing speed of 6.0 gigabits per second rate. Each individual in your postproduction team can get the same set of files as soon as the scene is completed. Imagine that.

Dual Cooling Systems

Each of these drive cages are equipped with 2 rear
fans to exhaust excessive heat. It keeps the drive
cages at top performance temperature and ensures
the important data gets transferred correctly.

Multiple Applications

Whether your populating each drive with different sets of files or
running RAID configurations, these drive cages can handle it.
The plug and play hot swap functionality is the key to allowing
users to physically move data from one machine to the next.
Simply put, some people just prefer holding on to valuable data
rather than trusting the cloud.
House of AL

The aluminum frames are strong and light enough to keep the drives safe from any accidental drops and keep its users from hauling their systems with a back brace. Most importantly, Aluminum is a better material to dissipate heat, and that is why we choose to build the drive cages with it.

  More than the Cage

There is no need to fear having to run out and grab an extra connection cable because each of our drive bays comes with its own. The 4 in 1 cage even comes with primary and secondary connectors for SAS drives that makes sure no data is lost due to bad cables or connections.

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