Experience Above All

iStarUSA Group has over 20 years of experience in the industrial computer industry. We specialize in OEM/ODM projects and manufacture industrial power supplies, rackmount chassis, enclosed cabinets and racks, data storage, and custom power solutions. Our customers include Boeing, Raytheon, Motorola, and NASA and we’ve worked with companies such as Seagate, Western Digital, MSI, Intel and many others from a variety of fields to ensure that our products meet the highest standards and compatibility.

Product Initiation
  • General project discussions - Speak with one of our expert OEM/ODM specialists

  • Define product specifications and requirements - Find out what features best suit your individualized product

  • Initial prototype quotation and delivery schedule - Using CAD Technology, we have the ability to show you 3D models of our product design for your specific needs

Research & Development
  • Design and development of prototype at US R&D facility - physical prototyping will allow you to test out the product to see if it is perfect for your needs

  • Benchmark and functionality tests - Each product is quality tested to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Customer evaluation – You evaluate the product and we will assist you with any changes that need to be made

  • Purchase order - Your quote depends on the volume and frequency of your purchase

Manufacturing & Quality Control
  • Our factory is able to handle batch manufacturing of orders both large and small

  • Burn-in and functionality tests by our quality assurance lab - We are confident in our products and our customer service. If any problems occur we will gladly assist you in solving your issue

Service & Support
  • Logistics services - We provide you with an estimated time of arrival and upon request we can also provide updates on the movement of your products

  • After-sale support - Our service does not end once you've received your products. We will service any manufacturing issues you have with your products