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2015 03/2015-Launched Tablet Cabinet Charger for 10slot, 20slot and 30slot ( Cabinet Division)
05/2015-Launched Wood bezel for BPN-DE Trayless Hot-swap Caddy ( HDD hot-swap Division)
07/2015-Launched New LCD Trayless Hot-swap caddy ( HDD hot-swap Division)

2014 02/2014-Launched Audio/Video 2bays to 12bays Raid Tower ( Storage Division)
04/2014-Launched Embedded Fabless Series for DVR market ( IPC Division)
05/2014-Asia office and R&D team in Taiwan.
09/2014-Launched Wordl 1st Modularized 4U Rackmount case - FlexRack ( IPC Division)
10/2014-Launched World 1st Trayless 19" Rackmount Storage M Storm Series line (IPC Division)

2013 01/2013-Launched 800w Mini Redundant power ( Power Division)
02/2013-Launched 2000w 1U 80plus Redundant power ( Power Division)
04/2013-Launched New SAS expander E-Storage series ( IPC Division)
08/2013-Launched New D-Storm SE series ( IPC Division)
11/2013-Launched New D-Storm SEA series ( IPC Division)

2012 02/2012-Launched 1U to 4U 15" depth short rackmount chassis ( IPC Division)
05/2012-Launched Audio/Video Portable WD Cabinet series ( Cabinet Division)
08/2012-Launched Audio/Video Elegant WS Cabinet series ( Cabinet Division)
09/2012-Launched Trayless 2.5" H.D.D Hot-swap caddy ( HDD hot-swap Division)
11/2012-Launched 1U Flex 150w to 350w power supply ( Power Division)

2011 03/2011-Launched 2.5 H.D.D Customized size Caddy. ( HDD hot-swap Division)
04/2011-Launched HDD Protector Box for 5bays and 10bays ( HDD hot-swap Division)
07/2011-Launched 4U 700w Mini Redundant power ( Power Division)
09/2011-Launched Military Cabinet Series ( Cabinet Division)
12/2011-Launched wood bezel 1u and 2u rackmount chassis ( IPC Division)

2010 01/2010-Launched 2x2.5 H.D.D to 3.5 size hot-swap caddy ( HDD hot-swap Division)
03/2010-Launched 550w Mini Redundant power ( Power Division)
05/2010-Launched 52U cloud Cabinet ( Cabinet Division)
07/2010-Launched 3U 15x3.5 HDD Rackmount chassis ( IPC Division)
10/2010-Launched 2U 9x3.5 HDD Rackmount chassis ( IPC Division)
11/2010-Launched 1U 10x2.5 HDD Rackmount chassis ( IPC Division)

2009 01/2009-Launches 80 PLUS Power Supply Series
02/2009-Launches new storage & cabinet product line

2008 03/2008-Launched Brand new IS Redundant Sries line (Power Division)

2007 05/2007-Launched Storage product division
06/2007-Launched WO Series (Cabinet Division)
12/2007-Purchased 35000 sq ft. brand new building in City of Industry

2006 11/2006-Launched Cabinet product division
12/2006-Launched WL LCD Series line (Cabinet Division)

2005 01/2005-Launched Custom power division - Clay Power Company
04/2005-Launched TC-1U/2U Signle Passive PFC Series (Power Division)
07/2005-Purchased 12000 sqf brand name building in Balwin Park
10/2005-Launched V Storm Series line (DVR/IPC Division)

2004 02/2004-Launched TC-R2U Series (Power Division)
03/2004-Launched S Storm Series line (DVR/IPC Division)
03/2004-Launched D2 Storm Series line (DVR/IPC Division)
06/2004-Launched D3 Storm Series line (DVR/IPC Division)
09/2004-Launched D4 Storm Series line (DVR/IPC Division)

2003 03/2003-Launched DVR/IPC Division
05/2003-Launched D Storm Series Line (DVR/IPC Division)
06/2003-Launched T Storm Series Line (DVR/IPC Division)
07/2003-Launched E Storm Military Series Line (DVR/IPC Division)

2002 03/2002-Launched TC-PD3 PFC Series (Power Division)
06/2002-Launched TC-PD3 PFC Series (Power Division)


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Fax: 1-626-301-0588

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