Current Applications
Reliability (MTBF) and Durability
  1. We use high quality Japanese components to create our redundant power supplies
  2. Offering a 5 yr. warranty on our products, we stand by the strength and longevity of our products
  3. To create durability we use thicker metals, and utilize the Japanese cold roll steel processto sustain the strength of our materials
Fire Resistance and Waterproofing
  1. Our products are coated in the same substance that lines firefighting gear
  2. We are able to make our products more enclosed for better protection
  3. We create down-angle ventilation spaces in order to protect the interior from rain water
Silk Screening
We have the ability to place your logo in any desired place, and we have experts to assist you in pick the most ideal placement for your unit.
Data Storage
  1. Storage of raw material
  2. High Data Transfer Rate
Customized Chassis Design
  1. Front bezels with special colors and designs
  2. Special form factors and enclosure thicknesses