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2U Compact Rackmount microATX Rackmount Chassis ATX Power Supply Compatible
  • Industrial compact chassis with 16" depth
  • Supports standard ATX power supplies
  • 2x front access USB 2.0 ports
  • Supports 4x low-profile add-on cards
  • The most economic 2U chassis with one 5.25" bay

Product Introduction
D-213-MATX is a reliable and stable 2U-high industrial computer chassis. The full size I/O supports all microATX motherboard with a Dual-core/ Quad-Core processors and the backplane supports 4 low profile add-on cards. This chassis is only 16" in depth and has optional two intake 80mm cooling fans at front for air ventilation. In addition, D-213-MATX supports a standard ATX PS2 power supply to meet regular server system applications.

Compact 15-inch & Under Multi-Color Front Bezel Door

Model NumberD-213-MATX
RoHS Compliance VersionYes
Form factor2 U
Standard Drive Bays 3.5" Drive (internal): 2
5.25" Drives: 1
IndicatorsPower, HDD
SwitchesPower, Reset
Supported PSU TypePS2
Expansion Slots4 (Low profile)
Material of Front BezelAluminum
Material of HandleAluminum
Material of Main ChassisZinc-Coated Steel
Color of Front BezelBlack
Color of Main ChassisBlack
Front Connector2x USB 2.0
Motherboard Size9.6 x 9.6 (microATX, mini-ITX)
Optional Fan:80mmx2
Dimensions (WxHxD)19.00" x 3.50" x 16.85"
482.6 mm x 88.9 mm x 428.0 mm
Notes- optional sliding rails TC-RAIL-20 will only work with new version of this chassis with 4 mounting holes on sides


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Optional Accessories

Model #Description
BPU-124V2-SS5.25" to 4x 2.5" SATA SAS 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack
BPU-126-SABuild-to-Order - 5.25" to 6x 2.5" SATA 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack
DIY-RHF03Build-to-Order - 3.5" to 5.25" Anti-Vibration Hard Drive Mounting Bracket
RP-COMBO-SLIM5.25" Optical Drive and Floppy Drive Cage Holder
RP-COMBO-SLIM25352.5"/ 3.5" HDD & Slim Optical Drive to 5.25" Drive Bay Cage
RP-FDD355.25" Drive Bay Bracket for 3.5" Devices
RP-HDD25BC2.5" HDD SSD Mounting Bracket for 3.5" Bay
RP-HDD25P3.5" Drive Bay Bracket for 2x 2.5" SSDs
RP-HDD3.53.5" to 5.25" Hard Drive Mounting Bracket
T5F-SSTrayless 5.25" to 3.5" SAS SATA HDD Anti-vibration Hot-swap Rack
T5-SABuild-to-Order - Trayless 5.25" to 3.5" SATA HDD Anti-vibration Hotswap Rack
T-7M1-SATA5.25" to 3.5" 2.5" SATA SAS 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack
TC-ISTORM83.5" to 5.25" Hard Drive Cooling Heat Sink
RP-2HDD25355.25" Drive Bay Cage for 3.5" and 2.5" Hard Drives
RP-4HDD255F4x 2.5" HDDs/SSDs to 5.25" Drive Bay Bracket
TC-RAIL-2020" Sliding Rail Kit for Most Rackmount Chassis
TC-RAIL-2424" Sliding Rail Kit for Most Rackmount Chassis
TC-RAIL-2626" Sliding Rail Kit for Most Rackmount Chassis
BPN-DE110SSTrayless 5.25" to 3.5" SATA SAS 6 Gbps HDD Hot-swap Rack
BPU-124DE-SS5.25" to 4x 2.5" SATA SAS 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack
T-G525-SSIndustrial 5.25" to 3.5" 2.5" SATA SAS 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hotswap Rack
BPN-DE110SS-WBTrayless 5.25" to 3.5" SATA SAS 6 Gbps HDD Hot-swap Rack with Wood Look Bezel
BPN-124K-SATrayless 5.25" to 4x 2.5" SATA 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack
T-5K3525U-SATrayless 5.25" to 3.5" & 2.5" SATA 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack with USB 3.0
T-5K225T-SATrayless 5.25" to Slim ODD and 2x 2.5" SATA 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack
T-5K35T-SABuild-to-Order - Trayless 5.25" to Slim ODD and 3.5" SATA 6 Gbps HDD Hot-swap Anti-vibration Rack
T-5K25TU-SATrayless 5.25" to Slim ODD and 2.5" SATA 6 Gbps HDD SSD Hot-swap Rack with USB 3.0

Compatible Power Supplies

Model #DescriptionRequired
TC-350PD3350W PS3 Size ATX12V Switching Power SupplyBrackets Not Required
TC-500PD8B500W PS2 ATX High Efficiency Switching Power SupplyBrackets Not Required
TC-700PD8B700W PS2 ATX High Efficiency Switching Power SupplyBrackets Not Required

Compatible Motherboards

Model #Motherboard SizeCompany Name

AD2550R/U3S3Mini ITXASRock





Chassis Combo

Model #HDD Tray Front Bezel
3.5" Bay
2.5" Bay
HDD Type
D213MATX-DE1BK-SLTraylessSilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1SL-SLTraylessSilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1BL-SLTraylessSilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1RD-SLTraylessSilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1BK-RDTraylessRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1SL-RDTraylessRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1BL-RDTraylessRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1RD-RDTraylessRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1BK-BLTraylessBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1SL-BLTraylessBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1BL-BLTraylessBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1RD-BLTraylessBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1BKTraylessBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1SLTraylessBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1BLTraylessBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-DE1RDTraylessBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B126-SLTraySilver06002.5" SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B124-SLTraySilver04002.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BK-SLTraySilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1SL-SLTraySilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BL-SLTraySilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1RD-SLTraySilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1PL-SLTraySilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T7-SLTraySilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T5F-SLTraylessSilver10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B126-RDTrayRed06002.5" SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B124-RDTrayRed04002.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BK-RDTrayRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1SL-RDTrayRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BL-RDTrayRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1RD-RDTrayRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1PL-RDTrayRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T7-RDTrayRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T5F-RDTraylessRed10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B126-BLTrayBlue06002.5" SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B124-BLTrayBlue04002.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BK-BLTrayBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1SL-BLTrayBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BL-BLTrayBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1RD-BLTrayBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1PL-BLTrayBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T7-BLTrayBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T5F-BLTraylessBlue10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B126TrayBlack06002.5" SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-B124TrayBlack04002.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BKTrayBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1SLTrayBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1BLTrayBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1RDTrayBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-M1PLTrayBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T7TrayBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III
D213MATX-T5FTraylessBlack10003.5" SAS I/II & SATA I/II/III

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