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Worldwide Giving

Change a child's world, today! A new initiative at iStarUSA Group will try making a direct impact on a child's life by adopting their financial needs. This effort is a long term commitment, one in which iStarUSAGroup believes will have a great impact on our spondees many years from now. We vow to connect with a group of 101 children all over the world by giving to them what their natural environment cannot achieve. Although we may never meet them face to face, it brings so much joy to our organization to know that our efforts, although small, is making a big difference in their lives.

Disaster Relief

As a global member, iStarUSA is proactive in disaster relief efforts. Our most partnership with agencies provided instant reliefor those who lost their homes from Typhoon Morakot, and we continued our efforts to help the rebuilding efforts in an event that affected more than 850,000 households. As a global citizen, iStarUSA hopes that our initiation to be part of the rescue, as well as the recovery, will continue to help many of those who lost their loved ones and homes in unpredictable natural disasters.

Community Investment

Walking a mile in the snow to school just arrived at a whole new level. As an effort to fight poverty iStarUSA has been part of the education revitalization in one of China's poorer Guizhou providence. Most children grew up in the rural farm lands with treacherous roads, near to none communication, and very low standard of living. By investing in their future, iStarUSA hopes that they will be the ones making a difference for their community and society with the knowledge that they will have acquired. We also hope that by our initiative, more organization will see the need to fight poverty with education. Since 2000, more than 10 schools have been erected in the rural areas of Guizhou.

Abolition Group

Human trafficking is a major social problem in many foreign countries, and iStarUSA Group has joined the efforts of organizations worldwide in a cause to eliminate human trafficking. We hope that our support will help fund those who are working to raise global awareness of the current problem, and those who have set out to make a difference. Our effort will also extends to victims in their recovery, as well as partnering up with more for-profit organizations to share a vision of a tomorrow without human trafficking. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead.


iStarUSA has taken to heart the effects of breast cancer affecting hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. We are committed to walking alongside those affected, as breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the second leading cause of death among women. We provide support to cancer research that allows women to make sense of the complex medical and personal information about breast cancer and educate them to make the best decisions for their lives.

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