32U 1000mm Depth Rack-mount Server Cabinet
  • Universal Fit Most of Rackmount Chassis and Equipment
  • Easy Cabling Management. Cable Entry Provided from Top/ Bottom and Front/ Back
  • Fully Adjustable Rails. Mounting Rails are Horizontally Adjustable to Ensure the Best Fit of Rack-mount Chassis
  • Glass and Perforated Doors Provide Maximum Air Flow
  • Enforced Strengthen Glass Front Door with Security Key Lock
  • Removable Side Panels with Easy Handy Latches
  • Comes with M6 Mounting Screws and Cage Nuts
  • Sturdy and Rugged Welded Frame Structure
  • Comes with Flat Packaging

Product Introduction
WNG series cabinet is built with high-quality aluminum/steel structures. With perforated and enforced strengthen glass doors, WNG series provides excellent air circulation for servers and other devices. Cabinet is lockable from the front and rear doors to prevent unauthorized access. This stylish and secure 19" rack-mount cabinet protects your investment in mission-critical equipment.

Model NumberWNG-3210
RoHS Compliance VersionYes
Form Factor32U
Industry StandardEIA-310-D
MaterialSide Panel:SPCC t:1.2mm
Horizontal Rails:SPCC t:2.0mm
Vertical Rails:SPCC t:2.0mm
Top Panel:SPCC t:1.2mm
Loading Capacitystatic loading with leveling feet:1700lbs/ static loading with casters:880lbs/ dynamic loading:780lbs
Supported Chassis Depth32" and under
Internal Dimensions Depth: outer post-to-post 31.89" max
Dimensions (WxHxD)23.62" x 63.41" x 42.90"
600 mm x 1,611 mm x 1,090 mm
Notes- HTS code: 8473.30.5100 (ECCN is not applicable).

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Model #Description
WA-CM1UB1U Cable Management Rack Kit
WA-CM2UB2U Cable Management Rack Kit
WA-DT04141U Digital Temperature Unit
WA-P2UB2U Cabinet Front Cover Plate
WA-P3UB3U Cabinet Front Cover Plate
WA-PD01010 Outlet Overload Circuit Breaker Protection Power Distribution Unit
WA-PD01616 Outlet Lightning Surge Protection Power Distribution Unit
WA-PS010Build-to-Order - 10 Outlet Power Strip
WA-PS012Build-to-Order - 12 Outlet Power Strip
WA-PS06ABuild-to-Order - 6 Outlet Power Strip
WA-SFR96BHeavy Duty Sliding Tray
WA-P1UB1U Cabinet Front Cover Plate
WA-P2UW-MT2U Metallic White Board Panel
WA-3FAN-120AC3 x 120mm AC Cooling Fans for Cabinet
TC-A100B1U IPC Keyboard and Drawer
WA-KBR-1U1U Compact Sliding Keyboard Tools Drawer
WA-DWR2UB2U Sliding Drawer with Key Lock
WA-PP12-C612 Ports 1U Cat6 Patch Panel
WA-PP24-C624 Ports 1U Cat6 Patch Panel
WA-PP48-C648 Ports 2U Cat6 Patch Panel
WA-PP96-C696 Ports 4U Cat6 Patch Panel
WA-SFR96B-SLDHeavy Duty Sliding Tray
WA-SF96V2-1U1U Heavy Duty Rackmount Shelf
WA-SFH25B1U Supporting Tray
WA-SW10-M5Cabinet/ Rack Screw Kit
WA-SFH40B2U Supporting Tray
WA-LKEYWM WMZ WNG Cabinet Side Panel Key Lock
WA-PS022Build-to-Order - 22 Outlet Power Strip

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